I'm moving!

Hi everyone. For the past few years, I've tried to keep this blog semi anonymous but keeping it a secret is ridiculous and I'm not even sure why I'm doing it anymore. So I'm going public-- please update your blog readers and links, I'd love to hear from you on the other side.

Here's the link.

Thanks for reading and I do hope you continue to come by my new bloggy home!




On Objects

Purchased at Paxton Gate.

My days are spent creating objects which people imbue with memories and meaning. Ironically, I grew up without that devotion to my possessions. There was no blankie or favorite toy, although I desired it. Mementos meant clutter. My best friend Sylvia moved at the end of the first grade and the morning she left, presented me with a small paperback book, a story about ballet and friendship. On the last day of school, I left it in my desk and never saw it (or her) again.

We later moved from our apartment in Queens to Long Island, and I was told that this was temporary. I learned not to grow attached to the walls and they remained bare for the next seven years.

I'm not sure when I started to see the beauty in an object. Perhaps it was at school or through the part time jobs I've collected since. But during my trip to San Francisco, I walked into a shop on Valencia Street, where I ran my fingers on a crafted wood ring, the surface polished to a high shine. I knew at that moment that it took a thoughtful hand to carve this piece. To decide what to cut and what to leave untouched. The creator had taken several pieces of sandpaper-- 40, 80, and then 150 grit maybe-- to smooth and reveal the grain of the wood without scratching the charred top. This was a labor of love. I pressed it into the heart of my hand and was moved.


Wait for me, Ponti!

I'm not quite ready to adopt but I think I've found the one!

the one for me

I hope you're still there when I'm ready.

Windy Freda

Saw this and had to share. So, so good.

windy freda

windy freda

I have such a huge weakness for feathered headpieces. Find them here: Windy Freda

via DailyCandy.

Last Thursday: A gallery show opening

these 2 are so funny
Rena & Lisa. I love love this photo of them, I'm not sure why I find it so hilarious but I do! Check out Lisa's awesome outfit. She totally rocked the scrunchy.

Back tracking a little bit: last Thursday was the opening for Caitlin Keegan and Julia Rothman's joint show at Rare Device. It was so wonderful to spend some time with them and see their work! And I'm super excited to have been able to snag a painting as well. I'll post a photo of it when I get it after the show comes down.

in front of caitlin's work
I wasn't able to get a good photo of Caitlin's work, but her large collage/paintings were GREAT. My fav was the knitting piece.. I hope it becomes a print because I'll def have to grab that.

julia's work
Julia's pieces. The way these are hung, so much fun.

sian and julia
Sian & Julia.

Incidentally, the show opening was also a jumpsuit party and we take our duties seriously.

for the jumpsuit partyhot!lisa's wilfredo

I had a total blast at this opening and makes me wish RDSF was closer to home. I wish I could visit every single one. Maybe one day.


On San Francisco Time

Just when I started to get used to SF time, I'm back. Just one photo tonight.. it's 3 in the morning after all. But there is more to come.

(This is a candy store where there was lots of yummy. I had some salt water taffy.)

rena, sian, mia, & caitlin @ miette
Lovely ladies: Rena, Sian, Mia, & Caitlin at Miette. (Yes, I included the sweet dog.)


San Francisco: Day 1

It's pretty late but I couldn't go without posting something from my first day in San Francisco! I am crashing at Rena and Derek (and Mia and Lulu)'s pad. I have missed the sweet dog and will post this silly photo of us this morning even though it's not the most flattering.

taken just after waking upi love this rugmia face

Spent the day roaming the south part of SF; there are so many thrift shops and cute boutiques/galleries and I had so much fun browsing. Just photos up ahead because I'm about to fall over from exhaustion.


the curiosity shoppe

826 valencia

little otsulittle otsu

the candy store


owls in a windowpaxton gate


Finished: Custom Blue Spruce Necklace

In sterling silver. (Please forgive the fuzzy webcam photo!)

custom necklace: done!

Had a bit of a spilled coffee-near-laptop-scare. Thankfully everyone is ok!

(In the photo: dress by Minnie & James. <3!)


This just in..

From Gina's cool new fisheye cam.

gina's fisheye cam

gina's fisheye cam

gina's fisheye cam

Post July 4th BBQ

Listening to DMB while nursing my coffee. The long weekend is over and I miss it already. There is a pile of work that has been ignored for days and needs to get done and my wrist is finally rested.

+ + + + +
Wknd recap:

beautiful akita @ the bbqone of our hosts [and main chef]

I spent yesterday in a gorgeous spot in Williamsburg. Hosts like Davit amaze and inspire; I want to be just like him when I grow up. Not only was the food and company great, I was sent home with a four foot bok choy plant. I know, right?!

perfectly proportionedher new fisheye cam

plaid: man trend?urban oasis

underfoottasty burger


Ah, the best.

And two days until SF. Ow yeah.